Electronics & Hardware

This is your guide to the standard electronics and hardware available for all Reiver Guitars.


Pickups are available in the Modern and Classic Series. Modern Series pickups have ceramic magnets with the Classic Series using Alnico 5/3/2. The Igneous I, Igneous II and Rune II pickups are avilable in Modern and Classic versions.
1X, 2X and 4X refers to the number of magnets. More magnets means more output power and attack. When used as a matched pair the bridge pickup will have additional magnets compared to the neck pickup.


Reiver standard humbucker  pickups.

Ceramic based Modern Series and Alnico based Classic Series.


The name gives the game away it is all about heavy ROCK.

Igneous 1 is the heavy rock pickup with clarity and attack right across the board. Neck pickup with 2X magnates and the bridge with 4X has more attack and power.

Models available:

  • IGNEOUS I  2X — 17.8K – Heavy rock sound with clarity and highs (NECK)
  • IGNEOUS I  4X — 17.8K-  As above with more attack and power (BRIDGE)


Variation on the Igneous I suited to  modern ROCK.

Igneous II a modern rock pickup with a full sound and accentuated highs. Neck pickup as standard with the bridge 2X for more attack and power.

Models available:

  • IGNEOUS II – 12K- Full sound with clarity accentuated highs (NECK)
  • IGNEOUS II  – 12K-  As above with more attack and power (BRIDGE)


Full deep bottom end with warm mids and a smooth top end.

Models available:

    • RUNE II -12.6K – Fat sound all round with highs not so prominent (NECK)
    • RUNE II – 12.6K – Fattest sound with less highs great bottom end (BRIDGE)

Reiver standard single coil pickups

Available in Modern Series and Classic Series.


Think P-90 on steroids, yes this P-91 goes up to eleven. Comes with a coil tap which reduces the number of windings on the pickup  and gives you the classic DeArmond sound.

Models available:

  • P-91   8.5K – 14.2KT (NECK)
  • P-91 REV 8.5K -14.2K (BRIDGE)


The standard Kompakt setup is passive with the option to add the active EQ.
All guitars are fitted with a battery box. If a passive only guitar is ordered the battery box is left empty and unattached.


Volume, Tone with push/pull active/passive and selector switch.
East Tone Lifter activated via tone control push/pull.

When activated via the push/pull on the tone control with the upper ring in the stack in the center detente there is a slight gain boost with a flat responce.

When the upper ring is rotated clockwise from the center detente  the lower ring acts as a mid control. The lower ring sets the frequency with the upper ring controling the boost.

When the upper ring is turned anti clockwise the lower ring is a bass/treble. The lower ring sets the frequency with the upper ring controling the boost


Volume and Tone.


Choice of 3 and 5 way switching available depending on pickup choice.


Kompact Headless 6/7 string

  • Hipshot Bridge/Tuning Unit
  • Hipshot Headpiece
  • Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks